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Pohoda lesního ticha

Myslivna Pod Kohoutem

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Weekly stays

  • Season: June 30 – September 1
    CZK 35.000
  • Out of season: June 2 – June 30
    CZK 28.000
  • Out of season: September 1 – October 27
    CZK 28.000

The price includes the entire housing object per week.


  • Deposit: 50% of total price
  • We mail money order - due to 14 days
    When paid, we mail confirmation plus detailed information to arrival
  • Remaining 50% due to the day of arrival
  • Town fee - CZK 10 / person & day - due to the day of arrival
  • Extra cash bail - CZK 500 / person & week
    (precaution to avoid possible property harms - returned in the day of departure)





According to the most accepted theory Moldavite Tektites are the result of a Meteorite impact which created the Ries crater in Germany. On impact this meteorite melted together with the Earth and splashed a molten ball of what is now known as Moldavites into neighboring Czech Republic. Moldavites only coms from the Czech Republic and Moravia, contrary to many false claims on the internet. Tektites only come from meteorite impact sites. The most sought-after Moldavites are translucent glowing green. The color can vary from olive green to a bright, almost blue-green. Etching from naturally occurring acids and weathering conditions produced the surface texture of Moldavite. The different types of Moldavite are named after the village closest to the digging (Besednice, Chlum, Slavce, etc.).

Moldavites are known as "Vltavin" in the Czech republic. This name comes from the Vltava river, a large river which runs through the Ceske Budejovice region, in the heart of the Moldavite fields. This river is also known as the Moldau river (German name of the river), giving the name Moldavite.

Legendary Moldavite fields are located outside the village of Besednice, the Czech Republic. The Moldavites that have been mined near Besednice are known for their spiky, leafy shapes and very detailed surface. The locals call them "hedgehogs".

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