Hájenka Besednice
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Forester's lodge "Hájenka Besednice"

Pohoda lesního ticha

Hájenka Besednice

Photo © HARPUNA, 2008

Holiday forester's lodge "Hájenka Besednice" (hájenka means forester's lodge in Czech) is near town of Besednice in South Bohemia, CZ, about 5 km from the top of "Kohout" - Rooster mountain on northwest slope of "Besednická hora" mountain. The property is suitable especially for those visitors, who love nature, woods and peaceful holiday time. Location is ideal for visiting numerous monuments and landmarks in the neighborhood - UNESCO world heritage Český Krumlov, Nové Hrady, Třeboň, České Budějovice and others, mostly in a circle of 30 km around. Lipno dam is about 50 km far.

Facilities - Total number of beds: 15 + 1 baby bed

DOWNSTAIRS - number of beds: 3

  • fully equipped kitchen (kitchen unit, fridge, electric kitchen range,
    microwave, electric tea kettle)
  • salon (fireplace stove, TV)
  • 1 bedroom (3 beds)
  • bathroom with corner tub, washing machine and WC

UPSTAIRS - number of beds: 13 + 1 baby bed

  • 1 bedroom (7 beds)
  • 2 bedrooms (2+1 beds)
  • 3 bedrooms (3 beds and a baby bed)
  • bathroom with shower bath
  • WC

Heating - domestic boiler for wood fuel, electric boiler

  • parking in the object
  • pets for a fee
  • large, fenced garden with sittings and fire place
  • ping-pong table


  • gorgeous 360° view from the top of "Kohout" mountain (5 km by foot)
  • restaurant in town of Besednice (1 km)
  • supermarket in town of Besednice (1 km)
  • open air pool in town of Besednice (1 km)
  • quadricycle rental at town of Trhové Sviny
  • nearby skiing - Kozí pláně ski slope - (about 20 km near Kaplice)
  • remoter skiing - Kramolín ski site - (about 40 km at Lipno dam)

Hájenka Besednice

Photo © HARPUNA, 2008


Accordind to the oldes written sources, the "Slepičí hory" - Hen Mountains were as a forest district owned by lords of Rosenberg (in Czech Rožmberk). Lords of Rosenberg sold it to lords of Švamberk in 1611. Petr of Švamberk, as a significant leader of uprising of Czech nobility against emperor Ferdinand the 2nd, lost his rule over the property and in 1620 the emperor gave the entire area to his general Karl Bonaventura Languevall count de Buquoy, as appreciation of his desert for the reign. The property stayed in hold of clan de Buquoy for 300 years.

Independence of Czechoslovakia in 1918 showed in this area very negative, by sudden severing business and social bindings. Area, that was for centuries on inland commercial routes, found itself literarily over night cast up on the border of fresh republic. Economic expansion has stopped and abrupt breakdown occured.

In 1932, towns of Trhové Sviny and Besednice bought the forestry from Buquoy estate, as a one of results of land reform after declaring independence of Czechoslovakia.

During WW2 the entire forest district fell to 3rd Reich. After 1945 town of Trhové Sviny got the forests back for some time though, but with communism taking up in 1948 lost this property for more 40 years.

The forest district "Slepičí hory" - Hen Mountains is since 1991 under repair of the company Forests of towns Trhové Sviny and Besednice, Ltd.

Elaborated according to records of L. Stráský, F. Slípka and contemporary sources


  • The locality is the real paradise for owners of outdoor GPS or fans of geocaching. In the immediate vicinity of the forester's lodge is a geocache "Výhled na Besednice" - View on Besednice and in wider neighborhood are dozens of other geocaches, placed mostly on places of nature monuments, architectural work or places otherwise significant.

GC list #1GC list #2GC list #3

Map of geocaches




Sobenov Highlands

A view from Záluží
Photo © Petr Hnilička

Nature park "Soběnovská vrchovina" - Sobenov Highlands (popularly also "Slepici hory" - Hen Mountains) was established in 1995. It's not large but very charming ridge south of Ceske Budejovice, foothills of nearby "Novohradske hory" - Nove Hrady Mountains, recumbent on the border between South Bohemia and Austrian Waldviertel. The highest tip is "Kohout" - Rooster (870 m.n.m), "Vysoký kámen", called "Slepice" - Hen (865 m.n.m.) and "Besednická hora" (753 m.n.m).

Besednická hora

Besednická hora
Photo © Petr Hnilička

Scenery involves significant nature and esthetic values - extensive forests with remains of original spruce, pine-tree and beech woods, scree woodlands and rocky parts, canyon valley of Cerna river with interwar hydro engineering structure and relics of unique florid meadows.

Settlements on this territory fall within the oldest in South Bohemia. Numerous traces of celtic habitation are wide spread in this area as well.

Kohout - the top

Kohout - the top
Photo © Petr Hnilička

Melancholy, underpopulated landscape on north hill-side, represented by various isolated manors, crosses slowly to sunshine southerly side and lures through its fresh-smell forests and meadows to countless walks and hikes, that are never forgotten.


(texts mostly in Czech)

Common Broom

Common Broom (Sarothamnus scoparius)
Photo © HARPUNA, 2008


Nature monument

Photo Wikimedia Commons

We would like to use this column on other pages of this web site to introduce you at least in short some significant animal and botanical inhabitants of Nature Park Sobenov Highlands and also famous findings and relics of extinct crafts, one cannot find elsewhere in the world. These representatives are European Bullhead, Old World Swallowtail, Green-winged Orchid, The King Bolete, Black Hyalite Glass and finally Moldavites.



The Geocache was just found ;-)
Photo from Wikimedia Commons

>>> visit also our Myslivna under Kohout <<<

We believe you will like the lodge and the landscape and you will love to come back again.
We wish you happy stay!


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