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Lesy obcí Trhové Sviny a Besednice s.r.o.
Nábřeží Svatopluka Čecha 859
374 01 Trhové Sviny
Czech Republic

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The King Bolete

The King Bolete
"Boletus edulis"

This mushroom is known as the cep in France, the Steinpilz in Germany, porcini in Italy--and the "king bolete" in English speaking countries. Once you have collected it a few times, Boletus edulis is a pretty easily recognized mushroom. It has a characteristic shape (with a swollen base), reticulation on the stem, and its cap has a characteristic texture -like a very well buffed, soft, sticky leather. Its white to olive yellow pores do not bruise blue when injured.

Edible and excellent. This mushroom is perhaps the most important edible species, it can often be found on sale in worldwide markets. Commercially it is dried and used as flavouring for soups.

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